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I Believe It’s Very Important to Know the Person You’re Working With.

So, Here’s a Little Something About Me and What I Do…

Hi I’m Demetri Benton. Welcome to my Blog!

I’m an Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer.

I provide Tips, Tools, and Training to help Network Marketers Build a Fabulously Successful Organization.

Rise Above the Noise Online to attract MORE leads, Recruit More Reps, and MAKE more sales.  

Feel free to take a look around!

I’m building a home business online and am very passionate about helping others do the same. I’m not about BS or hype.  I believe in keeping it real!  If you have questions or want to chat, you can connect with me on Facebook or text me @ 704-286-6118.

Here’s to your success my friend. Peace, Light and Love…

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I don’t believe I’m much different from most people who want more out of life. We all have desires, plans, projects that we want to accomplish, but we never seem to take the steps to get there.

We think it’s too much for us, that we don’t have the skills to actually make a difference.

…these thoughts are just IMAGINARY barriers that exist only in our state of consciousness.

In 2005, I stumbled upon Network Marketing as a way to make some extra money. I realized essential things about this field and how an opportunity offered by the right company could potentially bring me unlimited earnings.

I was excited.

Because of my determination, I knew this was the opportunity I had been looking for, that it would allow me to go further than I could even dream. It seemed simple enough.

I understood that I didn’t need specific skills just to get started. All I needed was a DESIRE to SUCCEED. I could gather the skills one-by-one as I progressed and moved myself UP. I knew I would make mistakes and I could learn from those mistakes.

I started out working with a “superstar” in the industry. She told to replicate her actions and I tried.   Finally, I realized that I just didn’t have her personality.

I couldn’t keep pretending I was someone I wasn’t. As an introvert, it didn’t feel natural or authentic. Initially, I had failures (a lot) in network marketing. I was burned-out and struggling,

I could not get an income breakthrough….

I spent more money than I earned My upline told to host home parties, implement the three-foot rule (everyone who comes within three feet is a viable prospect).   Walk up to people and hand them a business card or flyer—

Doing business that way didn’t work for me and I never attained success in the industry… Vision


I never lost my desire or vision of working for myself. I did not give up…

Over the years, I’ve learned everything I could on how to succeed in network marketing in the digital age. I enjoy learning new things and make it a point to learn something new every day.

I understand that knowledge is power and the more I get the better off I am.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with people who want the same things I do, who have the same interests; people who can chart their own course in life, and decide for themselves what their worth is.

People work on their own terms, and have a real chance of gaining financial freedom. I have learned some cool marketing techniques that have proven to be extremely effective.

I’ve been focusing on both online and offline strategies to grow my business, leaving no stone un-turned. I look forward to connecting with you one-on-one.

You too can succeed…


To Your Massive Success My Friend,


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