How to Use a Blog to Build Your Network Marketing Business

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You’re aware that others are doing this, right? They’re using a blog to build their Network Marketing business.

Many people are building their MLM or Direct Sales business using the Internet and online marketing techniques. They are attracting the right kind of leads on a regular basis using the same Social Media platforms they’re already familiar with. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and others.

I’m sure you’re asking, “How does this work and how does someone like me get started?” “Where can I get leads?” and “How can I get my products or service in front of the right people?”

Why a Blog is Important to your Network Marketing Business

If your goal is to be a work-at-home professional for any length of time, you should start a Network Marketing blog.

Here are perhaps the 4 Most Important things you’ll need when you’re building your MLM or Direct Sales business online especially, if you want to attract and recruit qualified leads:

A Blog– so you can be the hub of all the activity and position your brand as an industry leader,

An E-mail List— you’ll need a capture page on your blog to grab email addresses,

Content is King. You must have podcast, videos, and articles of interest to make your blog compelling to attract more visitors and grow your following,

Use Social Media to build a following– form relationships along the way. By doing this, you are using online marketing to bring visitors back to your blog or hub and they become your best leads.

After years of being an MLM junkie (jumping from one company to another), I was burned out. I tried everything from hosting home parties, running ads, chasing down family and friends, buying leads and pitching everyone who came within three feet of me. In the process I handed out thousands of business cards and flyers and where was the success?

Somehow I found myself attending a webinar, and suddenly a light came on that opened an entire new world for me . . .

Once I was able to comprehend the vision of how the Internet could play a vital role in broadening my Network Marketing efforts and attracting many more people, I was changed forever.

My vision grew to heights I’d never imagined. My reach expanded, as I am now able to build a business worldwide.  And yet,  I’m doing this sitting at my desk in the comfort of my home with only my laptop and a phone to assist me.

Are you dreaming of a business where the doors never close because someone, in the middle of their day or night, is ordering your products and/or services online?

The type of business that functions basically via the Internet, with no need of you being there day in and day out, no need for you to monitor and micro-manage everything . . .

The kind of business that can generate an income wherever you happen to be, whether it’s at the park playing ball with your kids; sleeping at home in your bed; or sitting in your home-office on your computer . . .

And, while doing this, you’re offering people excellent products and/or services, things that are helping them…

Doesn’t this seem ideal?

If this sounds good to you, and what you envision for yourself, and the kind of life you want to live, this may be a perfect opportunity to change your life.

If you’re ready to change your life and the direction of your business, You need to become a network marketing blogger.

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