The BS Your Upline Feeds You – Can You Relate?

Chances are you’re reading this blog post because you’re one of the 97% of Network marketers who have struggled or failed in this industry because of the BS Your Upline Feeds You.

If you’ve been in the Network Marketing Industry for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve  joined many different opportunities.   It’s very common for people to explore quite a number of different  Network Marketing opportunities trying to find the one that actually shows promise. That’s exactly what I did and I still have tons of opportunity DVDs, brochures, unused products, and samples packed away in boxes.

Because I wanted so badly to be successful in this business, I followed every single direction I received from my Upline. And for all the time, effort, and money I put into all those so-called opportunities, I really had nothing but stacked boxes in my closet to show for it. I was broke, depressed and disillusioned!

This isn’t about criticizing all Uplines. This was my experience and if you’re reading this post, I’m sure you can relate.

When you’re in the Network Marketing industry, you’re advised to do exactly as you’re told by your Upline.

And of course you do it because you assume this is what they did to build their massive downline of hard working distributors.

The reality is…   NOT ONE single top performer in any Network Marketing  or Direct Sales company have used those methods solely  to build their team (but my Upline didn’t tell me that).

What I’m telling you will hit home with the vast majority of network marketers reading this who have worked themselves to the bone just to see little or no results in the end.

Most, if not all of you, have likely spent far more money than you made in this endeavor.

Along the way you have pestered friends and family, spent way too much on leads that led nowhere; by now you have made friends with the staff at more than one area hotel where you’ve attended conferences.


Your Failure up to this point is NOT YOUR FAULT.


You’ve been misinformed by your Upline and your MLM company.

PinocchioThey’ve been telling you that the road to success involves simply following the company’s training:

  • posting your links on social media,
  • buying lead lists,
  • writing down all your contacts- calling them,
  • getting to the meetings and taking others,
  • setting up conference calls with your Upline–  and to keep at it day after day.

They don’t tell you that anyone who has truly been successful in Network Marketing has learned how to effectively market their business…

They don’t tell you It’s not a matter of telling everyone you come across all about your very generous comp plan while dispensing product information word for word…

They don’t tell you what you need to do is learn what it takes to actually connect with others on a deeper level. Get to know them and find out what their needs are. This is NOT about what you need, but what they need.

…This is what effective marketing is all about…

Your Target Market is Not Your Friends and Family

The BIGGEST fallacy in Network Marketing is that everyone is your prospect.  I’m sure you’ve heard of “The 3-foot Rule,” the one that says all you have to do is simply talk to anyone and everyone that comes near you, within 3 feet. This is simply not true.

It’s also not gonna do you any good to pester your friends and family to fill your downline. If your entire strategy for building your business depends on pestering everyone you know, you’ll soon find yourself in the NFL (No Friends Left) club . They’ll avoid you like the plague.

Instead, you need to put your focus and energy Into people who are of the same mindset as you – people who are entrepreneurs at heart.

It is always best if you can find people who have already tried Network Marketing in the past, but have not yet seen much, if any success.

By showing them your system, teaching them what actually works to grow their business, and the marketing techniques you’ve used, you will be offering them a real solution.

Your prospects must understand that you are giving them the answers and a solution that will actually move them up the ladder of success.

…You Must Be Willing to Bring Value to Your Prospects and Customers

People buy into an opportunity to solve a problem they’re dealing with in life. It usually has to do with needing more money, more freedom and/or to build a nest egg for retirement.

If what you are planning to dobuild relationships is just point out things in your company’s training manual, then you really aren’t going to solve their problem. You must have the answer to how they are going to succeed.

What are you prepared to do to get them where they want to go…

When you have someone new joining your business they will need guidance and direction from you. You must let them know that there is a plan and a system set up for them to succeed.

They must be confident that you can help them reach a higher station in life. This is what they want and need from you.

In order for you to be able to give it to them and separate yourself from the competition, you’ve got to start gaining knowledge yourself.

You need to know how marketing is done in the digital age. You also need to know about personal branding, which is the key to an unlimited flow of great leads. And, most importantly, you’ll  need to know how to convey all this information to everyone in your downline.

If you are able to show a prospect that you can give them the knowledge and tools to help them achieve their goals, they have every reason in the world to join your organization.

The Key to Success in Network Marketing

The secret to being able to build a successful MLM business involves everything discussed in this blog post.

Your prospect must have a good reason for joining up with you. Their reason will have nothing to do with the products or the opportunity, and EVERYTHING to do with YOU as their leader.

You must gain the knowledge you need to succeed yourself, which means get to know your products and all about your comp plan, but most importantly, about marketing.

Show them that you have the answer to their problem. Be the Leader they’re searching for.

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18 replies
  1. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Demetri….first and foremost I absolutely LOVE THIS TITLE! This is so real and very true! People are teaching their people to market like we’re still in the 50s. No…let’s market like the year we live in and make a bigger impact faster. Keep sharing great content!

  2. Theresa Lovelace
    Theresa Lovelace says:

    Great post, Demetri…You hit upon what most network marketers go through and dispelled a lot of the myths. It’s all about building relationships and providing value. You have to make yourself attractive to the marketplace and the right people…the people that are right for you or who you are right for…will find you! 🙂

  3. Zach Loescher
    Zach Loescher says:

    You nailed it! I think each and everyone one of us starting out have been in this boat or close to it. I laugh when I still see my past upline telling new people to basically spam their social media and make the list of 100! SMH You laid it out exactly how to become successful and not rely on your upline for guidance! Thanks for the great share!

  4. Dereco Cherry
    Dereco Cherry says:

    Oh boy I’m sure your gonna ruffle some feathers with this great post! Everything you said in it is true! I do agree you should make your list and hit your warm market up you need to have some type of game plan for when that list runs out and it will. That’s where learning how to market and get people reaching out to you comes in. People join people and not businesses.

  5. Adewale Adebusoye
    Adewale Adebusoye says:

    I can relate with the BS uplines will tell….but I’d recommend you combine the old school methods with effective online marketing, so that they at least make a bit of money pending when their marketing kicks off…
    Lovely post Demetri!

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