Start a Blog to Grow Your MLM Business

Why start a blog to grow your MLM business?  You’ve  already signed up with a network marketing, MLM, or direct sales business, and you’re passionate about the products and/or services you’re promoting, but the challenge is how to get the kind of attention you need to get your products in the homes of satisfied customers who will come back for more.

…So,how is this done?

Everyone else representing your company and its products have the same website, so how can you stand out…

I hate to say it, but who knows what’s down the road? This company might close up shop and your business could disappear overnight. What happens then?

To be sure, you want to understand exactly what you’re getting into when you think about starting a blog. I certainly do not think it’s a good idea to start blogging just to promote your MLM opportunity or even the products.

People are not interested in being pitched…

If you think a blog should dispense the same information contained on your website then it’s not worth the effort.

However, if you really are committed to becoming independent by building a successful business that no one can take away from you just by changing the rules or closing their doors, then look at ways you can create a loyal following. This is all about being able to generate your own sales leads– blogging on a regular basis can do exactly that.

What An MLM Blog Can Achieve for You


  • Help you create a relationship of trust with your target audience
  • Gives you a way to explain how you can solve their problem
  • Offers a platform for you to answer questions from your potential customers
  • Lets you offer your expertise to all those that need it
  • You’ll attract an audience and this generates sales leads for your products
  • Helps you create a business foundation that can’t be taken away. You own it.

Is blogging easy?

I’m not gonna lie, It has its challenges. If you want to be seen as a leader in your niche, you are gonna have to work you ass off to achieve that status.

Blogging is a long term commitment, just like building a MLM Business. You have to do it day in and day out, no excuses. Most people simply aren’t willing to do that.

If you get started, stick with it– blog consistently, it can really pay off.


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PS: If You Don’t have a Team, or Haven’t Recruited Anyone (or less than 10 people), THIS IS Where You’ll Want to Start.

If you’re happy in your current business, that’s awesome!  If not, and you’re open to a business opportunity–  something you can build on the internet– I’d love to share what I’m doing with you.


To Your Massive Success My Friend–

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    A blog is for me … very important to have. It works for you 24/7 and helps build up your name (brand). People can come visit you all they want. Once they know you … the automatic sign ups start to happen.

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