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Are You Ready To Change: How to Reclaim Your Power

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Are you ready to change?  We’re nine days into the New Year and the topic of discussion continues to be centered around New Year’s resolutions and setting goals.

If you honestly sat down and contemplated what you wanted to change in the coming year, could you seriously say that you’re ready to change; that you’re actually gonna get off your butt and do what it takes to reach your goal(s)?

I’m not talking about working your business for a few week or months then quitting. I’m talking about going all the way in— doing whatever it takes “come hell or high water” to achieve your goal(s).

If you’re like most of us, you’ve made up your mind that this time it’s really gonna happen. So, if you’re so ready to change, why is that some of us give up so easily after a short period of time, while others follow through to completion?

How to Reclaim Your Power

Power is emotional. It doesn’t need an outside source–power is your belief.

Most people want instant results.  If something seems too difficult or takes too long they usually give up.   When you give up, you become powerless because of the stories you tell yourself and the negative past events you hold on to that cause very low vibrational energy.

When you’re building a team. A large percent of them will be powerless. They’ll rely on what you tell them to do. They won’t have the emotional discipline–they’re not self directed. They have to be re-directed and they can drain you if you let them.

You must not give them your power. When you take on someone else’s results you start to give away your power, setting yourself up for disappointment.

When you begin to trust yourself and others without the anxiety about an outcome, you start to live in your power.

Self Worth vs Self Esteem

Our concept of who we are is about the value we place on ourselves. It’s about our sense of self-worth rather than our self-esteem. To reclaim our power we have to change how we feel about ourselves.

Self-esteem tends to be based on something we’ve done, rather than who we are. It’s our outer recognition of some skill or prowess we have.

Self-worth on the other hand is an inside job, without which we’re never truly capable of believing in our abilities, in our very selves. Without a sense of our worth, the esteem of others is hard to receive because we don’t believe we’re actually worthy of anyone’s esteem.

Let Your Light Shine

We’re always creating, we’re always manifesting and our our current crop of reality is based on who we used to believe we were…our new crop will be based on who we now choose to think we are.

Open your eyes. See yourself as the great and magnificent being you truly are and you help all of us. Reclaim the gift you’ve been given to create a wonderful life.

What’s the use of getting a gift if you don’t open it?  Be Open, Be Compassionate.  Share your unique gift with the world. Let your light SHINE.

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46 replies
  1. Nancy Loehr
    Nancy Loehr says:

    You must reclaim your power first before you can move on to accomplish other things. If you do not do this first you keep coming back to learn this lesson. Thanks for sharing.

  2. di downie
    di downie says:

    Love your blog Demetri,


    Power is within us… right on and love this piece. No-one can get us to get off our butts and KEEP GOING but us. Our values and what people receive from the value we give motivates us to keep turning up and doing the best job we can possibly do


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