Network Marketing Facts or Fiction

Network Marketing: Facts and Fallacies

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Over the years misconceptions about network marketing have mounted dramatically. These false presumptions are passed on from one inexperienced network marketer to another. So, how are these incorrect notions differentiated from the truth?

To address these challenges, I’ll answer a few common questions that many people have regarding the Network Marketing industry. This will give you valid insight into whether these notions are fact or fiction.  I’ll also share how you can address these questions as well, if you’re being asked on a regular basis.

Here are some of the most common Network Marketing questions:

  • Is network marketing a scam?
  • I just signed up with an MLM company; when will I start making money?
  • Are those in my warm market really my ideal prospects?
  • Should I share my opportunity with  any individual looking to make extra income?

Fallacy: Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme

Fact: Though there are many companies out there posing as MLM business models, the Network Marketing industry is not a pyramid scam.  Although Pyramid Schemes do exist, they’re defined as companies that are established solely for the purposes of recruiting people into the organization without the exchange of goods or services.

With the freedom of the Internet, it isn’t hard to create a magnificent website, put a comp plan together and begin marketing a company.  However, it doesn’t take much to sniff out these types of schemes.

There are ways to determine the legitimacy of a company by doing your due diligence.  Before you join any MLM company, spend time researching the people behind the management team, the leader’s history and track record and the professional structure of the company. Not only will doing this save you money, it will also prevent you from wasting your time.

Fallacy: I Will Make Money Quickly By Joining a MLM Company

Fact: Money doesn’t come easy, not even in network marketing. It takes time, marketing effort, and sales to be extremely successful in this industry. Like any other traditional business, you have to put forth some level of effort in order to generate profits. The major difference between a Network Marketing business and a traditional business franchise is; it takes less time and less investment to get started, and you don’t have to work twelve hours a day to generate profits.

By utilizing effective marketing strategies and techniques, you can be well on your way to success in less time than it would have taken you in a traditional business setting.

Fallacy: Your Warm Market are Your Best Leads

Fact: Your warm market may be your ideal prospects initially, but they’re also simply your starting point.

You don’t want to put all your hope in your warm market being your ticket to wealth.  They are simply a starting point to get your engine revved up. Once you’ve connected with them you can build through their referrals and your new connections.

Fallacy: Network Marketing is Ideal for Anyone Seeking an Additional Source of Income

Fact: Not all people will warm up to the idea of network marketing.  Many may not see the industry as an ideal source for profits. Some people’s minds are tainted with misconceptions about the industry, while others are simply not part of the niche that your company caters to.

I’ve addressed the most common misconceptions about network marketing.  The bottom line is guys,  people are gonna believe what they want to believe.  Network Marketing is not for everyone. So, don’t allow yourself to get frustrated with rude, uncaring people.  Address their concerns, but don’t waste your time or energy trying to convince them to join your business.

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36 replies
  1. Lynette Bledsoe
    Lynette Bledsoe says:

    Awesome share Demetri, I especially love “Fact: Your warm market may be your ideal prospects initially, but they’re also simply your starting point.” because it’s so true it’s a starting point but so much room for growth

    • Demetri Benton
      Demetri Benton says:

      It’s ok to start with your warm market. But, if you want to build a strong organization I recommend branching out to others as well. Thanks Lynette

  2. Martin Dean
    Martin Dean says:

    We have to be constantly reminded of the facts & fallacies of the Network Marketing industry because we here them from people we meet everyday.Great post Demetri

    • Demetri Benton
      Demetri Benton says:

      Yes Andy, there are so many fallacies about the Network Marketing industry. We have to be prepared to address any misconceptions that arise when we’re introducing someone to this industry.

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