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When prospecting, DON’T Discriminate.  What I mean by that is, you should not prejudge prospects by who you think will or will not make a great team member in your organization.

There are numerous examples of what you should and shouldn’t do in Network Marketing, and to not prejudge prospects is the #1 rule.  I’ve watched and listened to various recruiting experiences from different people in the industry who made sloppy decisions because they broke the golden rule–

Here’s what can happen when you Prejudge Prospects:

The Super Duper Ass Kicker

kick-assI witnessed a distributor get excited about someone they knew was gonna come in and “totally kick ass” in their organization.  This person was coming from another company bringing in 50 people with him and promised to do some super amazing things in the business.

He came in, and not too long afterwards, his sizzle began to fizzle.  No one joined his team, and no one came with him from the previous company.

Very quickly it became apparent that he was a dud, and within a few months he disappeared into thin air.

Doesn’t Have What “It Takes”

I’ve also seen the total opposite happen; a distributor who was being very laid-back and cautious about following up with a potential recruit because he didn’t think he “what  it takes”.   The potential recruit got frustrated at the lack of follow up and went on to join the business under someone else.   He surpassed his Upline in sales, recruiting, and leadership.

I Think I’ll Pass On This One

I’ve also seen someone “passing” on a recruit because he was not a huge performer, and did not have the “it” factor.  But, this person did recruit 2 people…  and one of those people went on to become a national year-end sales winner.

So, here’s the deal guys…


Before you prejudge prospects, remember sometimes… “Those you think will, won’t   and, “Those you think won’t, will!”  The Network Marketing industry can be very tricky, and it’s often a challenge to determine who will produce results versus who will simply become a number.

When you prejudge prospects it’s is all about you. You’re relying on your faulty and costly assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs.  You’re making assumptions about someone before you ask questions or uncover facts.  It’s your job to pre-qualify them first…. then, let them decide whether or not they want to move forward.

Don’t underestimate someone because of their current income status or profession.  Inside each of us is a dream that is lying dormant, waiting for someone to come and help bring it to life.

You never know who you can free from life’s miseries and struggles; who you can empower by believing in them enough to present them with your amazing opportunity.

Once you open the door, you have no idea who you’re letting in.  It could be someone who has the potential to bring massive success to your organization by empowering others to grow and change their lives as well.

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