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We all have the ability to change the way we think.  We can change our minds.  We are capable of changing our mindset if our current one is not working for us.

A belief is just a thought that we think repeatedly.  When you get this, It’s easy to understand how simple it can be to change your belief, thus changing your mindset.

The personal development books that you’ll read, listen to, and absorb on your journey to entrepreneurship must be preceded by self- awareness.

None of the material– the books, DVD’s, podcast, or seminars will sink in if you haven’t crossed that threshold to self-awareness.

Are you aware of your thoughts?  Do you analyze why you do the things you do?  Do you ever question your motives?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you’re standing at the door of personal expansion, and are ready for these 4 Simple Steps by Tony Robbins that will move you into developing a new success mindset:

  • What area of your life would you like to Improve?  Describe in detail what that area of your life is like for you currently.  Be Specific.

For example, your health may be poor. You may be overweight and suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or fatigue.

  • What are the rituals that have shaped your current condition in this area?  Write them down.  Be honest.

For example, you may eat processed foods, snacks that are loaded with sugar, drink soft drinks, not eat vegetables or you don’t exercise regularly. You may not drink enough water and you may not get enough sleep.

  • What do you want? What is your compelling vision? Be very specific.

For example, you want to be healthy in order to live a long prosperous life; to be around for your children and grandchildren or to be the example of health for your family. This is more important than fitting into certain size clothes or just trying to lose weight..

  • What rituals will get you there?  Write them down. What do have to do differently each day to get what you want?

For example, you will wake up at 5 am to meditate for 30 minutes, prepare healthy meals,  walk for 30 minutes every day.

Writing down everything in a journal, instead of loose sheets of paper, will give your work the respect it deserves.

You must make that small shift for yourself, because it’s truly the most important work you can do for yourself.

This is far more important and valuable than any marketing strategy that you could ever implement.

As you work toward your vision, whatever it is, keep this in mind …

 “It is not what we get that makes us happy, but it is who we become and what we are able to give, because we have become more. That sense of contribution is what creates the deepest meaning.” Tony Robbins

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