How to Make Your Prospect Feel Approachable Instantly

How to Make Your Prospect Feel Approachable Instantly

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Have you ever known a person who seems to make friends instantly? He enters a room and immediately starts talking to a stranger as if he’s known him for years. He calls a prospect for the first time and the prospect carries on with him as if they’re best friends.So, how does he do it?   In today’s post I will share with what he does and how you can also make your prospect feel approachable instantly.

You’ve probably also encountered people who are nice once you get to know them, but are hard to get to know.

So what is this secret that distinguishes the easy-to-know approachable types from the hard-to-get-to-know types who have handicapped themselves from getting along in this world?

How to Turn on the Magic Switch That Turns on Friendly Emotions

The secret is… you have to believe that the other person is going to like you.   You’ve got to assume the attitude you expect the other person to take.  When you take on this attitude, you’re thoroughly convinced that the other person will like you, so you’re not afraid of them.   If you’re not afraid, you’re not on the defensive.

Fear of People Drives Them Away

Fear is one of the greatest handicaps to getting to know people quickly. You’re afraid the person will not like you so you hide in your shell.

Nothing is truer in the field of human relationships than this: If your basic attitude is that people will be unapproachable or they will not like you—your experience will prove it to be so.  If your basic attitude is people will be approachable and will act friendly towards you—again your experience will prove it so.

Take the Chance Your Prospect is Approachable- The Odds are in Your Favor

Don’t always assume that you’ll be snubbed by the other person.  Take the risk.  Bet on him being approachable.  You won’t win every time, but the odds are in your favor.

Most people crave friendship as you do. It’s a universal craving.  The reason the other person may not appear approachable is maybe because he’s afraid of you, afraid that you will reject him.

Relax and Take for Granted That You Will Be Liked

In any human relations situation, it doesn’t pay to be over anxious; to practically let the other person know you’re drooling to get what you want.

When you give the impression that you’re desperate, when you show anxiety; your prospect starts to wonder why you are trying so hard and doubt creeps in.

The trick is not to knock yourself out trying to get the other person to come through.  Just relax, and know that he will be friendly and reasonable. Then you’ll be relaxed, calm and collected when dealing with him.

One Thing You Can Do to Relax Yourself is Smile

It’s almost impossible to be worried and anxious when you’re smiling.  A smile is relaxing.  A smile shows confidence.

A sincere smile works like a “magic switch” that turns on a friendly emotion in the other person instantly.  Even if you prospect online, when you exude sincere, positive energy the other person can feel it.

Learn to smile on the Inside.  Imagine that you feel all smiley inside. It’s your FEELING that gets across to your prospect’s subconscious not your facial expression.

If you want your smile to be a friend-maker, it must come from down deep. Not  from your diaphragm- but from your heart.  A good sincere smile says several things to the other person, it says not only “I like you and I come as a friend”, it also says “I assume that you are going to like me too”.

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34 replies
  1. Gary Bledsoe
    Gary Bledsoe says:

    Everytime I talk with a prospect, I make sure that I approach them with an “air” of relaxation, calm, and confidence. Because, I believe that prospects can sense when you are un-easy, restless, and insecure. So, you’re right, when you approach a prospect in this manner, you SHOULD take it for granted that you will be liked.

  2. Keith Everett
    Keith Everett says:

    Great post. It’s human nature to be cautious, however, people are attracted to people who are like them or people they want to be like. We tend to get what we expect most of the time so it makes sense to expect a positive outcome from a prospect. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Zach Loescher
    Zach Loescher says:

    Great post! Having gone to many networking events whether local business networking or national events, I have found many people are scared to walk up and say Hi and engage another person. We have to overcome that fear if we want to become successful! Thanks for the great share!

  4. Larry Hochman
    Larry Hochman says:

    “The secret is… you have to believe that the other person is going to like you. You’ve got to assume the attitude you expect the other person to take.”

    That’ s BIG…and a big leap for most to take. But you nailed it Demetri!

  5. Lynda Kenny
    Lynda Kenny says:

    Being confident in yourself often leads to others having confidence in you as well. Its a kind of security.
    You point out those all important traits in your post today. If we are nervous we make other people nervous and so on.
    Great share.

  6. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I think fear is one the biggest reasons people are not successful in network marketing. Another reason is that people are not themselves and they do not take the time to get to know their customers. I like that you mentioned the importance of smiling! Even when you are working online and you do not have face to ace interraction with your customer

  7. sandra copeland
    sandra copeland says:

    Fear is a mind killer getting over the fear and facing it will help you in being approachable !!~ Don’t be attached to the out come !!~ thank you ♥♥☺☺

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