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How to Keep Your Posture When Talking to Prospects

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If you want to get fast results in your business, you need to learn how to keep your posture  when talking to prospects.

Posture is about Attitude

It’s knowing with confidence that you’re the “one” with the gift.  You have the goose that lays the golden egg and as a professional Network Marketer, you’re happy to share this gift with others.

In today’s post I’ll share with you tips on How to Keep Your Posture When Talking with Prospects:

Professionals Sort

To keep your posture, your attitude should be about interviewing your prospects to see if they have the qualities you’re looking for.  Simply put, you, as a professional, sort, you don’t  beg or chase.

Perception is Reality

The interview should be brief. This is vital, because you need to convey the message that you are busy and successful. Spending a lot of time talking and trying to convince a prospect about our products or opportunity sends out exactly the opposite message.

You a Leader; Not a Follower

With the right mentality, you behave as a leader. You don’t allow rude prospects to waste your time. You stay in control of the conversation; and you’re happy to move on from prospects who have no desire to change the quality of their lives.

Respect Your Business

You appreciate that you’re running a multi-million dollar business. Your time is precious. You use it for serving  prospects who want what you have to offer!

Detach from the Outcome

“Some will, some won’t…so what?”

As you get more experience and become better at marketing, your confidence will grow. You’ll be able to become less and less attached to the outcome of your conversations with prospects.

Yes, you’ll always want to prospect with a clear intent and visualize a positive outcome (a sale or sign-up), but at the same time it’s really just “business as usual”.

You’ll get BOTH Yes’s and No’s in this industry – it’s to be expected!

…The irony is that the less you care, the better you’ll do!


This is because your prospect will sense that you’re relaxed and that makes you come across as a leader.  They will sense that it’s really no big deal to you whether they sign up with you or not.

They’ll assume you have lots of people wanting to get in, and this will again make them WANT to work with you! The person who’s successful, who’s has lots of people knocking at their door – that’s the person everyone wants to work with.   It’s human psychology, pure and simple.

Guide Your Prospect To The Next Step

Never give your prospect too many options. This confuses them, and confused people don’t take action.   Ask yourself, “What is the ONE step I want them to take right now that will move them along in the process of becoming a distributor/an affiliate/or placing an order?

Whatever is gonna move them ONE step further in the right direction, that’s where you want to lead them.  Take them by the hand and guide them along. When you do, you’ll project posture because you are LEADING them…and that is what leaders do…they LEAD!

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  1. Nancy Loehr
    Nancy Loehr says:

    Posture is so important – especially in business – people expect you to have it and when you don’t you are doing yourself a disservice. Thanks for sharing Demetri.

  2. Keith Everett
    Keith Everett says:

    Excellent post Demetri. Good posture is so important, people tend not to buy from people who are not demonstrating a degree of confidence. Thanks for sharing.

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