How to Brand Yourself: 5 Ways to Boost Your Online Visibility

Knowing how to brand yourself is vital when starting your own business. Entrepreneurs start a business usually because it’s been their dream or it comes out of need. Consumers buy from people they know, trust and like, not necessarily from a company. This is especially true if the company is in its start-up stage. This is why it’s vital to build your personal brand before you build the brand for your business. This will give your business a boost at the start and will enhance your chances of success.

What does “Branding Yourself” actually mean?

Branding yourself means to make yourself known, being visible by communicating globally what your expertise is and what you personally stand for in this world. It’s important that you do this consistently and with complete clarity. Highlight what is unique about you so that people will take notice and remember. You want to be foremost on their minds when they realize they have a need for your product and/or service.

1.  Be Active on Social Media

You can use social media very effectively in building your brand, especially through your own blog. By having a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter handle, entrepreneurs are now reaching a much broader audience and becoming known. This is how you will directly connect with your target audience and build personal relationships with people all over the world. Being an entrepreneur in this day and age means you must promote your brand.

2.  Create a Website and/or a Blog Using Your Name

Buy a domain of your name and get a host. If your name is taken pick something else that people will relate to as you. This can be “” or “”

In today’s world your website must feature your blog. This is by far the best way to reach out and communicate with your business prospects and others in the industry. You can blog about current trends, showcase articles of interest and establish through your blog that you are willing to help others.

3.  Become an Expert

If you want to be the person people turn to in this industry, you must know what you’re talking about and doing. Educate yourself through books, classes, webinars and trade shows. When you’re driving listen to educational CDs. Most people drive more than 15,000 miles a year so when you add up the listening time this would be more time than you’d spend in a year of graduate school towards an advanced degree.

4.  Brag About Yourself a Bit

Without being obnoxious you need to convey your worth to others. Find a way to let people know what you offer, what your value is. The gift you bring to the table is unique, something that no one else can offer. Everyone needs this and it’s up to you to let others know where they can get it.

5.  Make an Impression

Allow people to see the real you by incorporating your personality and what makes you unique into your work. Let people get to know the real you and all the things you hold dear and are passionate about. In this way you’ll create a memorable and indelible impression.

Your Story is Your Brand

When people find out why you’re so passionate about what you do and the kind of experiences in life that have made you who you are, they begin to relate. They understand the common thread and this makes you stand out from your competition.

Accept that you are already unique because there is no one else like you. No one has gone where you have gone, learned the same lessons, has the same talent or skill-set. Your perspective is unique and you have gifts that only you can offer. Be confident and get out front and center and let yourself shine.


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  1. Dereco Cherry
    Dereco Cherry says:

    Great content on how to brand yourself. I liked the tip you shared about becoming the expert through listening to educational cd’s in the car. This is something I do! I like to call my car my mobile university. I like to do most of my videos in the car as well. Thanks for this share!

  2. Joan M Harrington
    Joan M Harrington says:

    Hi Demetri 🙂

    Excellent post on branding!!! It is so important to know how to brand YOU and not a company, because in the long run, people will follow you not a company so it is so important to show them WHO you are and WHAT you are all about 🙂 Great tips!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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