How to Handle the “Pyramid Scheme” Objection

If you’re in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales industry,  this question is gonna come up sooner or later “is this a “Pyramid Scheme or scam”?

This is one of the main objections consistently brought up by prospects. Many new reps have no idea how to handle this question. It can be very discouraging especially if you really don’t understand the industry or don’t believe in yourself and what you have to offer.

The truth is that no matter what you say or do some people will never say “yes.” You can’t spend all your time trying to get them to change their mind, it will just leave you frustrated over something you can’t control.

Pressuring people who repeatedly turn you down will never get you any results…

You should have a message prepared instead that you can text, e-mail or convey to them over the phone that sounds something like this: “I understand that you’re concerned about being involved in this type of business because it may cause people close to you to feel uncomfortable. My take on this is that you’re not ready or willing to embark on this venture. I’m OK with that, and won’t try to convince you otherwise. But the door is open for you to call me if anything changes. It’s all good.”

The main thing is NEVER to burn any bridges. This person may have a change of heart or their circumstances may change, even years from now. Once they get a good dose of corporate America and how demoralizing it can be to try to climb that ladder,  you may be contacted, especially if you honestly cared about them and were genuine in your approach.

All you can do is tell the truth as you know it and answer this objection in a very sincere manner. This is the only way to handle it. If they are offended by the truth then chances are they are prone to think negatively about a lot of things in life. They’re gonna have to deal with their negative state of consciousness before they are ready to embark on any business venture.

Don’t forget that the response you get from a prospect once they realize you are approaching them with network marketing bears NO reflection on you, so do not spend one single second scolding yourself about this.

When you’re talking to the right person, someone who’s ready, you won’t have a problem answering any questions regarding your opportunity.

Don’t waste your time with people who just are not there yet.

Being successful in this business has its challenges, that’s why its important to have an entrepreneurial mindset— and not everyone has that…

Just accept that and be grateful that you’re in an industry that is poised for explosive growth.

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14 replies
  1. Martin Dean
    Martin Dean says:

    You get the “Pyramid” question all the time & sometimes you will never convince some people otherwise.
    My favourite response is “You have a job right?”
    “There’s an owner?”
    “Then there’s the executives, the directors, the section managers & then you ?”
    “Sounds like a pyramid to me!”

  2. Theresa Lovelace
    Theresa Lovelace says:

    It’s so important to learn how to gracefully handle those “pyramid scheme” objections because they come up all the time. You’re right, if someone isn’t ready, then move on. This industry is not for everyone. Thanks for sharing, Demetri! 🙂

  3. Dr. Lisa Thompson
    Dr. Lisa Thompson says:

    It’s amazing how that’s always one of the biggest objections…

    The best thing we can do is always educate and share….

    Some will come around and some won’t….

    As long as you do your part and keep sharing you’ll be successful.

    Great post!

    Dr. Lisa

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