Easy Ways To Get More Exposure To Your Blog

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Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog?   Avoid the trap of spending a great deal of time and money perfecting a blog that looks awesome, but doesn’t get seen by the people who are looking for what you have. So many bloggers waste energy producing great content, but fail to get noticed.  In today’s blog post I’ll share with you two easy ways to get more exposure to your blog.

Some of the plainest blogs in cyberspace are the ones that get loads of consistent traffic, because they understand how to get their content all over the internet.If you have a blog, you should also have at least one profile on each of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Here are two Easy Ways to Get More Exposure to your Blog: both strategies are free:

Promote Your Blog on Quora

Quora is founded by two former Facebook employees. This website’s unique question/answer content is created and  edited by the users in the community.

By putting your link on answered questions, Quora can actually send targeted traffic to your blog.  These readers have problems and are looking for solutions. You can use Quora for finding new blog topics as well.

Commenting on High Profile Blogs

You also want to comment on high profile blogs within your niche, because most bloggers have a feature on their blog that will list your blog’s url with your comment. Just make certain that you are leaving valuable and engaging comments that add to the conversation.

These are just  two free strategies that you can start implementing today that will increase your blog’s exposure, which will lead to more traffic.

Additionally, if you are giving valuable content, tips and training on the front end you are grooming your visitors to not only return, subscribe and engage, but they will be more likely to follow you and eventually convert to sales and more.

Very short post today, but one that has hopefully given you two new strategies for getting traffic to you blog. .

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    • Demetri Benton
      Demetri Benton says:

      Hi Trudy, Quora credits no longer exists. You should be able to answer questions and post your link. I wouldn’t post my link on all answers because then it becomes spammy. Thanks

  1. Sherri Brown
    Sherri Brown says:

    Great tips, Demetri! You’re right, one of the best tactics to expose your blog is through commenting on high profile blogs. It surprises you how the link you leave will drive more comments to your site as well. Thank you for sharing.

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