Distractions causing you to lose focus

Are Distractions Causing You to Lose Focus

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Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours, or checking your email every ten minutes? Do you answer  your phone and talk to friends when you should be working?

Why are distractions such a big problem? Because they sidetrack your success, they throw you out of your work flow, and cause you to lose focus on your goals and visions. Distractions also drain a lot of your time and energy that could be used on income producing activities.  In today’s post I’ll share with you 3 tips that can keep you on track if you’re prone to distractions:

Shut Down Your Email

How often do you check your e-mail?  Shutting down your e-mail can be difficult.  Not only do you need to shut it down, you need to also STAY out of your email program. When you need to complete a task, the easiest way to stay focused is to shut down your email program, turn off your phone (or mute it) and remove yourself from other technology distractions. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll get accomplished – and how much more efficiently you’ll perform your work.

Take a Break – Enjoy Some Quiet Time

When all else fails, take a break.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or scattered, it’s easy to lose your focus.  Take a break, simply walk away from your work.

Contemplate your task for the day.  Breathe, Relax, and Focus. After taking a 10-15 minute break you should feel refreshed and ready to move forward with your task.

Write a List, Check It Twice

This little trick will help you become more productive. When you write a list, you know exactly which task you need to complete in  order of priority. As you finish your task, check them off.  When you have a list you’re more likely to stay on task and actually complete the items on it.

While distractions will still sidetrack you from time to time, these tips should help you stay on track. The more you  practice these ideas, not only will your work day be more productive, but you should be more focused as well.

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  1. Gary Bledsoe
    Gary Bledsoe says:

    You are right about taking a break. This not only refreshes you like you said, it also recharges your mental battery. This is something that I had to learn the hard way because I was a person how always wanted to be on the go.

    • Demetri Benton
      Demetri Benton says:

      Me too Gary! Sometimes it hard for me to walk away from something I’m working on that’s really intense, but I always feel better when I do. Thanks

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