Build Your Network Marketing Business with Quality

Build Your Network Marketing Business with Quality

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There are two ways to build your network marketing business.  You can build it fast, using any method that works, or you can build it the right way—with quality.

Of course, building it with quality takes longer, but in the end it’s worth it!

Quality is crucial in all areas of your business, because quality lasts.  Often hasty methods last for a little while, but eventually fall through when you least expect it.

 Don’t Let your Desire to Grow Rapidly Override Your Common Sense

Most new leaders start out cautiously, they want to build a thriving business, but they’re afraid of making a mistake. They’re often extremely careful about who they bring into their business.

Then as time goes by and they’re more successful, they become comfortable and begin to get lazy about finding quality people.  Your people are your greatest resource. Don’t take the relationship building/prospecting process casually.  It’s one of the most important things you’ll do to build a solid, successful business.

Work with the People Who Deserve It, Not Just the Ones Who Need It

 Your job is to get your new people started. Train them right away.

Acknowledge that people come in with different interest, levels of commitment and desire.  Just because they join your business doesn’t mean they’re ready to go to work—

Let them know up front, It’s gonna require a lot of work.  They’re starting their own business and it’s not something that’s gonna make them “rich” overnight.

If they’re successful, it’s gonna be them who creates that success– Not You.

If they fail in this business, they created that failure– Not You.  

You’re here to guide them every step of the way, but You can’t do it for them.

Don’t waste your time and energy working with people who don’t meet you half way by not putting forth any effort.

Give Your Efforts Time to Compound

Everyone talks about hard work, consistency and effort, but no one talks about the importance of time in building a business or career.

Many people work hard then give up before they allow enough time for the seeds of their work to bear fruit.  People have a tendency to discount the importance of sticking to one thing for a long period. They get impatient and jump from one company to another.

Always remember that what you’re doing today with pay off in the future—with interest.

Quality in Every Aspect of Your Business is an Important Concept

The only way to build it big is to build it right.  You’ll have fewer disappointments, a stronger business, and you’ll feel better about yourself and others.

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PS: If You Don’t have a Team, or Haven’t Recruited Anyone in your business (or less than 10 people), THIS IS Where You’ll Want to Start.

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