Being Your Own Boss Does Not Require a Huge Risk

Chances are you’re reading this post because you want to Become your Own Boss.  Your corporate job is crushing the life out of you and you want to get out…

You want to work for yourself

You want to break free from the corporate grind

…but you’re afraid because you’ve heard somewhere that 90% of new start-up businesses fail.

You’ve always known that you wanted to become an entrepreneur  because you  always had that  burning desire to do something special, but when you discussed this with your family members and friends, they were frightened too because all they could see are the risks.

It’s only natural to have some concerns, but there really is nothing to be afraid of. You could be the one who proves them wrong.

Becoming an entrepreneur does not involve the level of risk that many people think, and here’s why:

The Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Right now could very well be the best time in history to start a new business. Technology has changed the way we conduct business online.

With all the latest software available, a new business owner has virtually everything he needs to get started right from his computer.

Using the Internet, you have the ability to attract customers like no other time in history. This can be done easily and inexpensively.

Social media sites allow you to have a very broad reach by getting your message out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others.

These are all free to use to spread the word about your products and services.

There Is No Shortage of Mentors

When a new business fails it is often because the owner becomes discouraged and gives up. It can get lonely at the top and it’s not easy to run a small business. For a lifestyle or solo entrepreneur, it can be difficult at times with no one to bounce ideas around with.

The answer is to find a few mentors who have been through what you’re going through and will be your sounding board. They will get you going in the right direction and keep you focused on the task-at-hand.

Security in Corporate America is Rare These Days

You may not be happy in your corporate job, but you rationalize this by telling yourself that it’s “safe and secure,” but is it really?

These days it is very common for companies to lay off employees. The key to protecting yourself is to start a business so that you have an income stream you can count on. This entails no risk whatsoever because it does not require that you quit your current job. You can do this on the side.

Put Your Fears to Rest

Your fear of taking a risk may be preventing you from starting a business. This fear is keeping you from living the kind of life you dream of and affecting the world in a significant way.

My hope is that the information in this post clearly explains that the risks you fear, are basically not real.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed; if you know you have what it takes, the desire to succeed, and the willingness to go that extra mile, entrepreneurship can lead to an amazing life. You get to set your own schedule, call the shots, and answer to yourself.

Your dream of working for yourself and taking control of your life is available right before you. There is no reason to wait any longer. The time is now for you to act.

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  1. Zach Loescher
    Zach Loescher says:

    Great post Demetri! While being your own boss does require hard work, you nailed it in this post! There is virtually ZERO security in any job these days, so being your own boss gives you more security! Find a mentor that fits your style and the direction you want to go and follow them, there are plenty out there!

  2. Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker says:

    We all can be our own boss…just most won’t succeed. There will never be a perfect time…but there will never be a better time either. Let’s be Bosses! Love this.

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