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Do you hate prospecting? So do 95 percent of network marketers. There is a certain amount of anxiety, or stage fright fear that is natural when you prospect.  This type of fear can absolutely stop you cold and keep you from doing the critically important activities you need to build your business.

We all understand that prospecting is absolutely necessary to build any business. So why is it that this basic task becomes so overwhelming? And, how can you overcome your fear and anxiety of prospecting? In today’s post I will share with you 3 Ways to Conquer Prospecting Anxiety:

Become Good at Prospecting; Keep Up Your Personal Development

Starting out with great skills can help build your competence and your confidence, removing any fear of failure, and any shred of doubt that you can succeed for yourself, for your company, and for your client. Personal development is the key to unlocking your confidence and courage to succeed in prospecting. Your prospects will recognize these attributes and skills in you, because you’ll recognize them in yourself

Change What you Say to Yourself When You Hear “No”

In the process of building relationships with prospective clients, realize that you can’t please everybody.  What you’re presenting will feel right for some prospects, but not for others no matter how good your products or service is.

If you’re passionate about what you do and you love your product/services, you have to realize that you’re coming from a place of service and you’re trying to help people. If they tell you “no”, tell yourself “that’s their loss, not yours- they’ve just lost the opportunity to work with you.”

Get Over Your Hang Ups About Rejection and Objections.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?  When people tell you “no”, it’s just a word. Don’t take it personally, they’re not rejecting you. Not everyone will want your product or service.


…Don’t be intimidated.   Speak from the heart.   Connect with people.  


If you create a mental fantasy of people responding negatively toward your offer, you will have difficulty prospecting. Don’t fantasize anything about your next prospect. Keep your mind clear, and be ready to respond appropriately in the moment as it happens.

Business will come to you based on your commitment to prospect more than the results of how people respond to you.  Taking action is the most important thing you can do. For every action there is a reaction. If you prospect, good things will happen.

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