3 Surefire Methods for Network Marketing Recruiting

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Are you looking for new ways to grow your downline and build your network marketing business?  One of the best methods for generating leads into your primary business is to go where the people are…and where are all the people?


While a lot of network marketers are flooding the online MLM scene, so many of them are doing it wrong.  If you learn to prospect the right way online, you can have incredible success.

Online marketing is more than just shooting out a link about your business opportunity and hoping it attracts tons of people to your business. Those who understand how to leverage the power of social media the right way will see the most success.

If you’ve hit a wall with your network marketing recruiting and are looking for new, fresh ways to increase your sign ups, income and authority, here are 3 surefire methods for network marketing recruiting that you can implement now to get better results.

1.  Facebook Prospecting

It’s extremely easy to prospect on social networks such as Facebook. Connecting with people doesn’t cost a thing, just a little investment of your time. You can reach out to people, develop relationships, and see if the people you talk to are open to making money from home.

Facebook is also great for driving targeted traffic to your business opportunity, business page, or lead capture page. Even with a limited budget you can leverage Facebook Ads to drive tons of traffic.

Here are a few things to remember when recruiting through social media networks:

  1. Don’t send unsolicited links to people.
  2. Focus on engagement and getting to know people by opening up the door to conversation, listening and building genuine relationships.
  3. Lead with value, not what your company’s products or services can do for someone.

2.  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Forum Marketing

There are a number of social sites network marketers can leverage to build connections with others. You can create a free account on any of the social networks and go out and begin connecting. Engage by adding attractive content, posting insightful comments, and becoming a part of the conversation. It’s not hard to get noticed online when you are sharing information that entertains, engages and evokes curiosity.

3.  Use Target Marketing

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If you know the types of people you want to work with, go after them– focus on attracting those types of people to you. That means attending events, webinars, and participating in online groups and forums that are aimed at your target audience.

This will help you surround yourself with your ideal prospect and make it that much easier to connect and engage with them through common interests.

As a newbie network marketer you don’t have time to waste. You need to get out of the gates quickly and begin generating leads by any means necessary to get the momentum and results you need to grow your business.

Once you establish a daily routine for generating leads for your network marketing business, you’ll find prospecting and signing up new recruits into your business becomes easier than ever.

Follow these three methods, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to network marketing recruiting success.

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PS: If You Don’t have a Team, or Haven’t Recruited Anyone (or less than 10 people), THIS IS Where You’ll Want to Start.

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22 replies
  1. Larry Hochman
    Larry Hochman says:

    I’m not moving in the MLM world at the moment, but the more I look around, the more targeted marketing makes the most sense. You can relate to people where they are, not just throw darts at a target. Good stuff, Demetri!

  2. Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker says:

    I was running all over the city trying to chase prospects. I marketed to everybody I could see in my line of sight ha ha. Marketing via social media has changed my business and my life in general and i’m so thankful for people such as yourself for putting out phenomenal content like this!

  3. Kenneth Peavie
    Kenneth Peavie says:

    Not too long ago, I was one of those Network Marketers that would post my company links all over the place and tell people to buy my products!! Thanks to you, I now have a strategy that will allow me to get much more targeted leads and results! Thanks Demetri!

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