3 Effective Techniques to Create Downline Duplication

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Chances are you’re reading this post because you’re struggling to build your MLM downline.  If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to know how to grow your network and create duplication in your organization.

In today’s post I’m gonna share with you 3 effective techniques that you can apply to jump-start your success.

Network Marketing is About Leverage

Leverage allows you to duplicate yourself through the efforts of other people, and can easily multiply your income beyond your expectations. It’s the name of the game and the only way to truly develop multiple figures in this industry.

You leverage your time, money, and efforts by finding a group of people who can follow the systems that are in place, and are willing to take action and commit to the activities that will open the doors to their success.

In the Network Marketing Industry, the concept of leverage is designed to take your limitations as one person, and utilize the time, talents, and techniques of others to increase your capabilities and enhance the power of a team working together towards one vision.

The 3 Effective Techniques for Downline Duplication:

1.  The “Fisherman” Technique

Fishermen go out on the ocean to find fish. In the Network Marketing Industry, fish are all around you. All you have to do is pay attention to where they are—and begin connecting with them.

You can come across more prospects by making an effort to connect with the people that are around you daily. If you don’t reach out to people consistently on a daily basis, then you will find it very challenging to build a successful business.

Most people want to avoid the people that they know and go after complete strangers in hopes of things being “easier”.  However, the best advice you can ever get is to start with your warm prospects then proceed to the cold list of strangers.

It is much better to fish in your own backyard than to travel across country to go fishing.  You’ll find that they’re so many great catches that await you “if” you are willing to go out and release the bait.

Fishermen use the right bait to catch the right fish. The same goes with Network Marketing. You must have the right attitude, skills, and tools to motivate and guide your prospects towards your business. Apply the cardinal rule in building a solid and effective networking organization: Use the business to make great people and not use people to make the business great.

Keep on fishing. By doing this, you’re not only reaching out to a wider market base, you’re also discovering new blood along the way. Remember that in this industry, new blood is the life blood. So look for desire, not need.

2.  The People Franchise

Franchising doesn’t only apply to traditional businesses. It can also be used in Network Marketing. In fact, it is what Network Marketing is all about. It’s a people franchise business.

The competitive edge that this type of franchise has over its other competitors like Subway’s and Jiffy Lube is that it can be done from home.  In the Network Marketing World, you are your own boss, you get to enjoy time, and it certainly doesn’t require overhead and operating expenses.

You can start building your “people franchise” by calling your prospects over the phone, or using the Internet to reach a limitless audience.

3.  The Five-Step Empowerment

When you got started, just like you, your new members will also need training and guidance. Just like you, they have to be leaders of their own network. They have to be role models in order to build authority and influence other people. You can train and organize your network by applying this five-step empowerment.

I DO IT                                                                          I Model

I DO IT AND YOU WATCH                              I Mentor

YOU DO IT AND I WATCH                              I Monitor

YOU DO IT                                                                You Move Forward

YOU DO IT WITH SOMEONE ELSE          We Multiply

By applying this, you’re not only developing the potential skills of other people, you’re also building a strong and effective network. You can nurture them by believing in their skills, encouraging them to grow, sharing your ideas and thoughts with them, and trusting them to do the same with others.

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34 replies
  1. Keith Everett
    Keith Everett says:

    Great post Demetri. I love the Fishing analogy, that is so, so true. As you say, it’s a people franchise and you need to speak to people. Too many people look for shortcuts which in the end leads them nowhere. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Julie Syl Kalungi
    Julie Syl Kalungi says:

    I absolutely love the 5 step empowerment system. I used to find it to let my team do, I reckon its a residue of my managerial corporate days. I have worked hard on myself to trust that each and every new team member is ready to learn, implement, build and fly…It has freed me hugely! And also allowed me to not take people’s quitting on their dream as personal!

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